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Submission Guidelines

For insider tips on the best way to write a query letter, please read Irene Goodman's article
"The Perfect Query Letter".

We are always looking for the finest in commercial and literary fiction and nonfiction, including mysteries, romance, women's fiction, thrillers, and suspense.

Irene is particularly interested in upmarket women's fiction, middle grade and young adult fiction, historical fiction, and family-driven thrillers. Nonfiction interests include pop culture, science, Francophilia, and lifestyle.
Irene prefers a particular format to queries. First, paste in the first ten pages of the manuscript. After that, include the synopsis. And finally, at the bottom, include the query letter.

Beth is looking for narrative nonfiction, memoir, cultural history, serious psychology and psychiatry, science, history of ideas and upmarket fiction including psychological, medical and legal thrillers.

Miriam is passionate about modern urban fantasy, young adult fiction, romance, and all other types of commercial fiction.

Barbara is looking for high octane thrillers, edgy mysteries, literary and upmarket fiction and YA.

Kim is looking for platform-driven nonfiction in the areas of lifestyle, wellness, memoir, politics and narrative nonfiction. She is also looking for upmarket fiction and literary fiction.

Rachel is looking for upmarket and commercial fiction in the following categories: women's fiction, young adult, mysteries & thrillers, and is open to well-written narrative nonfiction.

We do not represent poetry, inspirational fiction, screenplays, or children’s picture books.

If you have a manuscript that you would like to send us, please first ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Is this manuscript in the best possible shape? Do I believe it is ready to sell, or am I just testing the waters?
  2. Is it completed?
  3. Is my query letter professionally written and proofread?
  4. Does my work fit the guidelines of the kinds of books this agency represents?

If you can answer yes to all of the above, then please do the following:

You should receive an automated reply once you send your query. Because of the high volume of email submissions we receive, we will only respond to your query if we are interested in seeing more, usually within 6-8 weeks; please don't follow up and do not call.