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Power Summit

Hundreds of appearances on the New York Times, USA Today,
Publishers Weekly and Bookscan best seller lists


Authors believe that agents have the secret.

At the Irene Goodman Agency we know... The secret lies within you.

We know how to tease it out, shape it, develop it, polish it, and refine it. The result: you become the star that only you can be.

The Power Summit Meeting

Irene is the originator of the "Power Summit", in which an author has a focused day with his or her agent, publisher, publicist, and other key players in order to shine a spotlight on the author's career.

To reach stardom today, you must create your own "brand" so you can build your own mini-industry. The magic of the Power Summit is that special synergy. At the center of all this is you -- you are no longer a bystander hoping to be heard, but a proactive member of your own team.

The Power Summit enhances and accelerates a talented author's career. It mobilizes the creative and business team to get everyone on the same page. No fingers are pointed at a Power Summit. At its best, your team will have a no-holds-barred attitude. Ideas flow because everyone is doing what they love, and everyone has the same goal. We examine what worked and what didn't--and why. From there we move forward with new goals.

Whether you are an established star or a brilliant newcomer, you can be certain that the Irene Goodman Agency will define your vision and form a plan to get you where you want to go. We will fight your battles fiercely and get you the deals you deserve.

Some of our contracts have broken ground and opened new doors. We have created opportunities for authors that never existed before. Publishers do not hesitate to consult us about covers, marketing, promotion, and author branding. We are known for getting six- and seven-figure deals for talented authors who were previously earning a fraction of that amount.

The Paradox of More

Once you reach the top of your game, have you ever wondered what comes next? It is not just about getting to the top. It is about maintaining and expanding on success. We take fine, established authors to that elusive next level.

The process of achieving and maintaining best sellerdom is the adventure of a lifetime. Through all the ups and downs in the market and the industry, we are on top of every trend and development. We expect the unexpected and welcome new frontiers.

When you join The Irene Goodman Agency, we become your navigators, protectors, advocates, and communicators. Once on board, expect an exclusive monthly newsletter, in which we talk about market trends, news, and what's happening in our lively suite.